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The Athele Series

Hey guys!  I’ve got a few guest posts lined up for you, and here is the first.  Now, quite a few people have asked – whether on the blog, twitter, or facebook, how in the world to get a book marketed.  What do we do?  How do we do it?  When the writers over at how2become.com proposed this article, then, I was quite happy to let them have the floor.  Now, this is a really basic list of things to do, and some of you who read this blog are all over it.  But a basic refresher course can give us new direction.  For anyone looking for more in-depth tips, stick around, I’ll be expanding on some of these in a week or so!

Without further ado, How2become!

For most people who have written a book it is a dream come true. Writing a book is hard work and you…

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Jessica Meigs

After getting the covers for The Becoming and The Becoming: Ground Zero, I felt the need to get the cover for The Becoming: Brothers in Arms redone to match the other two. It has officially made its debut on Amazon, so I’m posting it here for your visual pleasure:

BIA2 (1)

In January 2009, the Michaluk Virus escaped from the Centers for Disease Control and decimated Atlanta, Georgia.

In February 2009, the virus had spread to the major city centers of the southeast, wreaking havoc in Memphis, Birmingham, Mobile, Jackson, Biloxi, and New Orleans.

Then the virus reached Tupelo, Mississippi.

Theo and Gray Carter find themselves surrounded by chaos, death, and misery on all sides. As their worlds collapse around them, both are forced to do the unimaginable to not only ensure their survival but to protect each other from the cannibalistic infected that cross their paths.

Weaponless and alone, the…

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Inspire Fellows

I should be working on other things today but I wanted to blog to share how completely procrastinate-y I am today.

I started another quilt, well actually, I planned out two more quilts and started on one of them. This one is just a simple sandwich of two 1-yard cuts as a lap quilt for Kiddo. He’s still in love with Busy Town so I thought I’d go ahead and commit. This is my first attempt at free motion quilting by machine so I thought I’d do some “simple” loopies. Yeah, not so easy lol This took me about 2 hours because of interruptions and such. I haven’t started back up on it since I need to refill the bobbin and so on. WP_000904Some progress on the hand quilted baby blanket. I’m going slower than I need to be for scheduling reasons so I’ll probably start working on this as…

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David Gaughran

author_solutions-penguinRegular readers of this blog will know all about Penguin’s purchase last July of the universally reviled Author Solutions – a company infamous for overcharging writers, doing a terrible job of publishing their books, and forcing ineffective and expensive marketing services upon those authors when their books (inevitably) fail to sell.

My posts on the topic have been leaning heavily on the tireless work of Emily Suess – a writer and blogger who has been documenting this racket for some years now.

At the time of the purchase, many in the publishing community expressed a hope that Penguin would clean up Author Solutions, or at least tone down some of their scammier tactics.

I was more than a little skeptical, and invited Emily Suess to give us an update. Here’s Emily:

One Racket to Rule Them All

Did you notice that skeevy self-pub racket, Author Solutions, is accumulating brands as…

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Apolo Drakuvich and Free Books



Apolo Drakuvich is a sponsor on Kindle Nation Daily.  Check it out. 🙂

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Indie Authors 20 Questions: Red Tash


My guest this week is Red Tash, roller girl turned novelist of dark fantasy for readers of all ages. Monsters, SciFi, wizards, trolls, fairies, and roller derby lightly sautéed in a Southern/Midwestern sauce hand-canned from her mama’s recipes await you in her pantry of readerly delights. <–(stole that from her page on Amazon! Love it!)

And since I couldn’t come up with a better way to introduce you than you did for yourself, how about we get to the interrogation. . . errr. . . I mean, questions 🙂

1.) Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I’m amazing.  Is that little enough?

Okay, seriously, I’m pretty crazy and I write A LOT.

2.) How long have you been writing?

Best I can tell, about 30 years.  God, that makes me sound ancient, but honestly, my first published poem went into the local metro paper when I was ten.


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