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The Minimalist Woman’s Guide to Having it All [Kindle Edition]

The Minimalist Woman’s Guide to Having it All [Kindle Edition]

The book is divided into three main parts, each one focusing on a concept and a project that work toward understanding our consumer-based culture and how to step back from it. This detachment creates enough freedom in your life and mind to experience real contentment. Contentment is the key–it is not complacency, but more akin to satisfaction and cherishing.

Minimalists are known for living well with less stuff. The point isn’t just having less stuff, but the benefits of having less stuff: more space, more time, more money, less trash, less cleaning, less organizing, less stress. The amount of time and space freed up is compounded by the sense of time and space regained, which gives back a precious sense of serenity and control to previously harried lives. Minimalists give Less a chance, and have almost universally experienced an amazing amount of contentment as a result.

Minimalism is living with just what you need. Needs are defined individually. Minimalism can include, but is not limited to, frugality or simple living. It can be done expensively, as in having the very best of just a very few things, or it can be done on a pittance. It is ideally debt-free. Space and time are given high value. Unrewarding things or activities are kept to a minimum.

A wonderful thing happens along the Minimalist path: you realize you’ve got enough mental and physical space to be yourself, that you are more than the sum total of your possessions, and you actually feel that you are enough in and of yourself. That’s a feeling akin to contentment.

And that’s why a Minimalist approach to life, stuff, and everything is a good way to Have it All.

The Minimalist Woman’s Guide to Having it All – Kindle



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