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American Epitaph [Kindle Edition]

American Epitaph [Kindle Edition]

America’s future hangs in the balance…

It’s the year 2025 and America is in chaos. Half the population is unemployed and the tiny wealthy class rules the nation with an iron fist.

A small group still holds out hope for their country and organizes a rebellion, sparked by two unlikely leaders, a grizzled veteran of Vietnam-era protests and a Generation Zero rebel. The rebellion scores a few key victories and the revolution grows. There is a ray of hope for the future.

Enter Colonel Victor Nefario, a ruthless ex-General who was demoted for slaughtering hundreds of innocent people. He has a massive chip on his shoulder and utter contempt for the rebels. He’s devised a heinous scheme that makes his former atrocities look peaceful by comparison and his plan will destroy America forever if he is successful.

Will the rebellion overcome the tyrannical government and lead America toward a return to greatness? Or will evil and fascism continue to strengthen their grip on the country?

The future of America hangs in the balance in the controversial new thriller, American Epitaph.

FROM THE KIRKUS INDIE REVIEW…”Offers an imaginative, well-oiled machine of a story…boasts a propulsive plot, a creepy-cool setting and a sense of genuinely high stakes.”


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