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In-Book Promotion: Using the Kindle’s Built-In Features to Increase Sales [Kindle Edition]

In-Book Promotion: Using the Kindle’s Built-In Features to Increase Sales [Kindle Edition]


I’m a traditionally published writer putting some short story collections on Kindle. Your book is concise and full of good info for a newbie like me. Both my husband and I read it and are going to be able to implement your suggestions right off the bat. Thanks for this valuable resource! — Marybeth Whalen, author of novels “The Mailbox” and “She Makes It Look Easy”.

This is a great guide for the author getting into Kindle publishing. I’ve picked up a few tricks myself from it. — Tony Eldridge, author of “Marketing Tips for Authors”.


Product Description

Ebook promotion on a budget means you can’t afford to not to use the free and incredibly effective tools Amazon makes available for you to promote your ebook. So why is it most authors don’t.

These tools are available — for free — to all of us who sell Kindle books but I read ebooks on my Kindle all the time that don’t make use of these tools to promote the ebook. Even worse, some Kindle ebooks — including those from major publishers– are set up to work against their own promotion.

The result is that good authors are losing sales every day.

In-Book Promotion: Kindle Features to Increase Sales tells you how to make sure your Kindle ebook is still promoting you even after it’s already sold.

The guide takes you through your ebook from virtual-cover to virtual-cover, delivering practical advice on how to ensure that your ebook is working to promote you. (Your writing is unaffected, this is about using tools to promote your book, not compromising your work.)

Make sure your ebook is the best promotional tool it could be with In-Book Promotion: Kindle Features to Increase sales.

In particular the book shows you:

  1. How to make sure your ebook persuades uncertain readers to hit the Buy button. You’ll be amazed how many ebooks are arranged for the buyers and ignore the triers.
  2. How to direct your readers’ to buy the ebook you want them to after they’ve read your ebook and without the reader searching back through the Amazon store.
  3. How authors are missing out on word-of-mouth promotion to thousands and thousands of readers. In fact some ebooks actively work against word of mouth recommendations.
  4. The number one ebook promotion tool on Amazon and how ebooks let their authors down in making it work for them.

These features for ebook promotion are simple to understand; easy to implement; and they’re free. You just need to learn what tools for promotion are available; how they work; and how to use them in your own ebook promotion.

After you’ve set your ebook up properly for promotion with these tools, you don’t need to do anything else with these features: they’ll just carry on doing their share of your ebook promotion automatically and indefinitely.

This is short but powerful book. If you’re a reader who judges the value of books by their weight or length, this isn’t the book for you. If you’re an author looking for powerful and easy-to-implement features that will boost your ebook sales, you’ll love it.


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