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Lynn Hubbard – Indie Author

Lynn Hubbard – Indie Author

My ebooks are available for “Signing” through Kindlegraph

To order a signed paperback copy please contact me at www.Lynnhubbard.com

Western singer Cindy Smith just wrote a song about my book Run into the Wind. She did an amazing job! Please stop by my website and take a listen!

Lynn Hubbard was born during a blizzard on the first day of Spring! Being from Ann Arbor Michigan I have developed a distinct dislike for snow. Moved to Tennessee when I was seven, New Jersey at thirteen, and back up to Michigan at fourteen. I currently reside in Georgia with my two boys and three dogs.

Lynn Hubbard – Amazon Author Page


Desperado: A Western Romance [Kindle Edition]

Beautiful Elizabeth Cooper struggled to raise her siblings by herself after her mother’s death. Abandoned by her reckless father years earlier she is distraught when he shows up unexpectedly. Shattering her world completely, he drags her from saloon to saloon until his luck runs out.

James Reese watched in disgust as the gambler offered to use his daughter as collateral for a poker game. Beth’s blue eyes met his and he made a silent vow to protect her. Left with few choices, Beth puts her faith in a man as desperate and alone as she. On the run they find comfort and solace in each other’s arms.

Desperado: A Western Romance eBook


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