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Indie Author – Cheryl Bradshaw

Indie Author – Cheryl Bradshaw

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Born and raised in Southern California, Cheryl Bradshaw became interested in writing at a young age. “As a child I made up stories for my sister. The most vivid centered around a boy and a girl who received a piece of gum for Halloween, and when they chewed it, they were transported to a magical land where they were granted unlimited wishes.” In grade school Cheryl remembers reading the stories of Judy Blume. This was something her teacher was concerned about since she was reading at a level much higher than her own, but Cheryl didn’t allow that to dissuade her.

In High School, Cheryl signed up for AP English and Creative Writing and discovered not only a love for books, but a passion for writing short stories and poems. Her poetry was published in the schools Looking Glass. After graduating, she attended college where she first realized her dream to write suspense novels, but it would be almost two decades before she put pen to paper. In the meantime, Cheryl pursued other interests – earning a Montessori degree, obtaining a license in real estate and working as a copy editor for ten years. Being an editor gave her the nudge she needed to get back into writing.

In 2009 Cheryl wrote her first novel, Black Diamond Death (the first book in her Sloane Monroe series). “The first book is a laid back cozy mystery – but it still provides plenty of twists. My next book is a thriller and a lot darker.” Sinnerman, the second book in the series, is currently being written and leads Sloane on a search for a serial killer where she’s forced to face a past she’s tried hard to forget.

When she’s not hard at work writing her next novel, Cheryl is an avid reader and loves to travel. “Every place I visit offers inspiration in one form or another which I draw from when I’m writing. I chose Park City as Sloane’s humble abode because I lived there and have a fondness for the quaint little town which I visit often.” She currently resides in Wyoming with her husband and their three children.

Black Diamond Death

Sinnerman (A Sloane Monroe Novel, Book Two)


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  1. Thanks so much for the shout on on here 🙂
    – Cheryl

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