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Not Safe for Work (Neovella) [Kindle Edition]

Not Safe for Work (Neovella) [Kindle Edition]

Neovella, Volume I: Not Safe for Work was written via the exquisite cadaver method. Each writer submitted his or her individual entries, of varying length, to their respective stories, which were then followed by additional written additions by their co-authors (friends or strangers). Over time and a period of variable amusement, stories manifested from the ether of their collective creativities. The web service that seamlessly enables this method can be found at http://www.neovella.com.

Written by a total of 80 unique authors, this collection is composed of the following titles:

1. A Walk in the Park, Spoiled
2. Adolf Hitler: a Misunderstanding
3. Cod Piecington versus the Alpha Centauri of Alpha Centauri
4. General Bullshit
5. Baby Spiders with Old Man Faces
6. Merkins of the Gods
7. One Step Two Step Three What?
8. The Adventure That You Could Never Have, I: The Beginning
9. The Cabbage and the Cardigan
10. A Childhood Memory
11. Should’ve Let ‘Em Die
12. Neo Neo, Meow Meow
13. Calvin Coolidge and the Goblet of Fire
14. Hopes and Dreams
15. Death of Murder Killing 2: Return to Murder
16. Sir Lancelol versus the Dungeons of Internet Horror
17. The Lone Bean

Collectively authored by:
Elioth Almada, Jen Banawa, Torian C., Tyler Cantrell, S. Cardance, Jesse Clarke, Matt Cruea, Tyler E., Matthew Gagnon, Chris Hill, Mai Hoang, Eric Hopper, Zhuping Hu, Harry Jenkinson, Nick Johnson, Jeff Kirchoff, C.S. Mc., Nicholas Marino, Robert E. Meres, Huy Pham, Miles Ruckby, John Quest, Michael Siedlecki, Schuyler Siemens, Michael Squitieri, Henry Wang, Tou Bee Yang, John Michael Zahn, & 52 anonymous writers


Not Safe for Work (Neovella)


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