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William G. Jones – Author Interview with G.W. Jefferies

I stopped by William G. Jones’ blog for an awesome interview.  William asked some great questions.

From the description, Apolo Drakuvich seems to be a story about the cyclic nature of a criminal life—how increased scrutiny from law enforcement and the stigma of being a criminal create a spiral that prevents any kind of normal life and in fact perpetuates further criminal activity. Is this a fair assessment? What prompted you to write such a book?

I think that is a fair assessment but I would add to the mix a corrupt justice system and now we have real chaos. How can people expect criminals to better themselves when the system in play is just as bad as the criminal activity? Apolo Drakuvich was written to help bring awareness to all sides of the issue. Let’s stop and really take a look at this system.

Read the rest of the interview here:



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