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Free Book Reviews – Apolo Drakuvich

Free Book Reviews – Apolo Drakuvich


Overall Feedback: Jefferies grabs you with this book and refuses to let go until you see it his way or no way. They say Texas is raw and gritty and this writer shows this truth in his writing. The story is mesmerizing and refuses to let go until it is finished with you.

Point of View: Jefferies is direct with the point of view and really grabs the attention of the reader.

Voice: The voice again is direct in an entertaining way but the story itself is what draws you in.

Character Development: You can not help but feel for Apolo and empathize with him throughout the book.

Plot: We all know that a corrupt system exists and we all know this HAS happened in some form or another.

Dialogue: Gritty, fast paced and delivered flawlessly.

Pacing: Imagine the open expanse of the Texas Country Side fit inside of Rhode Island and that is how the plot moves. Meaning it feels wide open but the author finds a way to fit it all in between the pages he allowed. WOW!

Setting: Again we all know this could or did happen somewhere in some fashion.

Continuity: The bow is a little skewed but the author does a nice job of making it tied and in place.


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