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THE HALLOWEEN COLLECTION FROM THE INDIE ECLECTIVE [Kindle Edition]   The Indie Eclective: What is it, who are they, and why can they spell neither “eclectic” nor “collective” correctly? The Indie Eclective is an ensemble of authors operating under the assumption that Readers like Good Books. The Halloween Collection showcases spooky reads from nine very […]

I think…I think I’m doing something wrong – NSFW

The following link is NSFW because of…well…everything.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I am doing something wrong.  There have been a lot of changes in the world of G.W. Jefferies and most of them are positive.  The move from blogger to WordPress is one of them and I published two more e-books.  But sales are slow […]


Another interview of G.W. Jefferies

Check out my interview @ Arshad Ahsanuddin’s blog Today, as part of the Indie Writers Unite! blog tour, I have author G. W. Jefferies in the studio to talk about his latest mindbending work, The Strange Fall of Marlon Applewood.  

The San Pinto Times Author Interview With Mike Cooley

Author Name: Mike Cooley Book Title(s): The Crystal Warrior Book Category/Genre: Epic Fantasy         Link to book(s): Any other links you would like to share: (my blog) Tell us what the book is about: The Crystal Warrior is about Larissya, who doesn’t realize that she isn’t just the simple daughter […]

Red Tash Trick or Treat Bash

Check out this site!  You could win a gift card or even a Kindle! Red Tash Trick or Treat Bash.

The Eye Connection

The Wind Changed As I Lay Dying   The Eye Connection Our eyes met today But I don’t know what to say No guts to build a conversation The weight of this feels a ton I don’t even know your name But it is pretty much the same Day by day As our eyes meet […]