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Listmania® Lists

Listmania® Lists
Listmania Lists include products you find interesting. Maybe there’s a short stack of books you always keep at your bedside, albums you’d want to take to a desert island, or a “kit” of various things–manuals, computer peripherals, instructional videos–that helped you start a home business. You needn’t have purchased these items from Amazon.com. Each list can cover all kinds of categories, and can be as specific (“Dorm Room Essentials for Every Freshman”) or as general (“The Best Novels I’ve Read This Year”) as you like.

You can include any item on Amazon.com. Go ahead and create a favorite item list now to help other customers discover products that you enjoy.

Please note that opinions expressed in the lists are the opinions of Amazon.com customers and not necessarily the opinions of Amazon.com.

Are you an indie author with a book up on Amazon kindle? Do you have a listmania? If not, you really, really, really should make a list. Did you count how many reallys I had listed. I’m sorry, “really” is a bad word in the literary world. Listmania lists are a great way to gain some views to your book(s).

If you are making friends with other authors, you should consider collaborating on a few lists.

Check out the list below as an example for Amazon’s Listmania.

The Best Psychological Thrillers for the Kindle


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