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Albert Hammond – It Never Rains In Southern California


The 10 best Neglected literary classics – in pictures

The 10 best Neglected literary classics – in pictures An interesting read…

New Cover?

What do you think about the new cover for Apolo Drakuvich? Which cover do you prefer?

Hunter S. Thompson defends his book against an irate Hell’s Angels biker

Add your book to this wonderful and fun blog

Do you have a book you want to share with the world? Comment below or send me a message and I’ll add a link to your book on my blog for free.

HELLO WORLD! Price drop – From 2.99 to .99

I’m dropping the price of my book to just .99! I want everyone to read Apolo Drakuvich and .99 is a low, reasonable price. I’m calling it:“Welcome to the World Apolo Drakuvich Sale Extravaganza” 😛 or something like that… How long will the prices stay this low???? Only time will tell.

Self-Doubting Monkeys Know What They Don’t Know

Self-Doubting Monkeys Know What They Don’t Know A cool article about monkeys. So here is the deal, researchers gave monkeys a test with two possible answers. If the monkeys gave a wrong answer, a third possible answer showed up. This confused the poor monkeys.