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Happy New Year

Happy New Year Graphic Comments Have a safe and wonderful new year! Advertisements

Worry free…

My writing worries are over and all of my problems are now gone.  I’ve hired a monkey to do the dirty work and now I can sit back and relax while my little primate buddy does the typing.  I just have to keep him happy by providing tasty bananas and letting him search my hair […]

The Wind Changed as I Lay Dying

The Wind Changed as I Lay Dying The wind changed as I lay dyingHands chainedMouth shutI lay, my body freezing.It’s cold, but the pain slowsTill I feel no more. The wind changedFrom a cool summer breezeTo a winter storm.I feel helpless, I feel death. Angered and alone, I weepUnable to moveI look with my weary […]

Finding Forrester – On Writing

Finding Forrester is a great movie for writers. I always get inspired to write that great American novel whenever I watch this movie. There are some wonderful performances from the always great Sean Connery and Rob Brown. I highly recommend this movie for anyone who likes a good story. The above youtube clip is a […]

A poem

Entrance My departureIs really my entranceTo leave oneAnd enter anotherFree to chooseReady to seeThe outside worldIs near From: my poetry book The Wind Changedas I Lay Dying

Hunter S. Thompson

Hunter S. Thomspon (July 18, 1937 – February 20, 2005) is one of my favorite authors. Thompson created Gonzo journalism which is a style of reporting where the journalist actually becomes the central character of the story. It is usually written in a first person narrative and it is a blend of fiction and factual […]

My blog

The “official” launch date is scheduled for January 1, 2010. The main purpose of this blog is to update everyone about my books I am writing, but I will also post stuff that I find interesting. Stay tuned…don’t forget to bookmark this page…and check often for updates.Thank you,–